A horse is just a horse unless it has blue eyes

Pierre is over 50 years old
Updated: Jun. 17, 2021 at 1:12 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Growing up, Ed Stallworth used to love watching shows and movies about cowboys. So once he got the means, he started looking to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a horse.

But when he was introduced to Pierre, little did he know how special a horse he was getting.

“He said I got one about 27-years old, almost 28. And he brought him up and I fell in love with him,” said Ed Stallworth, Pierre’s owner.

And how could he resist those baby blue eyes? Twenty-one years later, like a fine wine, Pierre has only gotten better with age. They don’t know Pierre’s exact age, but they estimate he’s well over 50 now and still lookin’ good.

“I’ve never had one this old in my practice. He’s just gentle, sweet, everybody loves him,” says equine veterinarian Barbara Benhart.

Well-known local equine vet Barbara Benhart has been treating horses for years and explains the native American lore surrounding the markings on Pierre.

“This is the medicine hat or war bonnet. And they were purported to bring good medicine and good luck,” she said. “And the ones with the pink and blues eyes were supposed to have special powers of safety for their riders and it was described as other-worldly mystic quality to them.”

Over the years the stables off Minor Parkway where Pierre is kept has sustained damage from two tornadoes with several horses injured. But not Pierre. He was in his stall unscathed.

And for Mr. Ed, Pierre has become a cowboy’s companion. At times, even being the leader of other horses he’s owned. So to Ed, there is no secret to Pierre’s longevity.

Pierre the horse
Pierre the horse(Ed Stallworth)
Pierre the horse
Pierre the horse(Ed Stallworth)

Ed Stallworth says, “I think it’s love.”

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