ALDOT crews working on parts of I-59 throughout weekend

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 10:57 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Crews with the Alabama Department of Transportation are working to repair the roadways on I-59 after a hole formed over the weekend on the bridge over Edwards Lake Road in Trussville.

Starting in the evening of Friday, June 11th, crews with ALDOT will work to permanently cover the hole in the bridge on I-59 Northbound.

“We are monitoring that bridge to make sure that we catch any issues that develop,” Regional Engineer for ALDOT DeJarvis Leonard said. “The structure itself is still sound, the sports of the actual concrete that you are riding on, is deteriorating cause of age.”

Leonard said the bridge was last inspected in April 2020 and is inspected every two years, but after the hole, he said they plan to inspect it more frequently.

“We are going to do a detailed inspection every month,” Leonard said. “We also have crews, maintenance crews, that are responsible for riding all our routes at least once a week. The person responsible for riding that section is now responsible for taking a closer look as they ride the section.”

But, Leonard said more than just inspections are in the works.

“What we are looking at is making improvements,” he said. “It may call for other improvements after looking at the overall bridge, but we need to at least replace the deck.”

Leonard said they are also making improvements to other stretches of I-59 near Trussville.

“We are actually resurfacing north of Chalkville Mountain Road” he said. “We are currently working on adding additional lanes to 59 from 459 to Chalkville Mountain Road. That is under design.”

Leonard said he believes the additional lanes will help traffic flow.

“With the amount of traffic that gets on and off at Chalkville Mountain Road, we will see a significant improvement on 59,” he said.

Leonard said repaving North of Chalkville Mountain Road should finish up by late summer to early fall.

He said the bridge project is still in design phases and could be one to three years.

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