‘I’d be honored to serve a second term’: Governor Kay Ivey launches re-election campaign

Governor talks to Jonathan Hardison about running again and the prison plan
Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 3:24 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Governor Kay Ivey announced the official launch of her re-election campaign for governor.

“Alabamians have shown the rest of the nation that our faith, resilience and common sense are what makes us and drives us forward to a promising future. I am proud to be your governor and would be honored to serve you for a second term,” Governor Ivey said Wednesday.

“Alabama is working again, and the best is yet to come.”

Governor Ivey said she knows a great deal of work remains, and she is ready to continue leading Alabama to even greater heights.

WBRC FOX6 News Anchor Jonathan Hardison sat down for a one-on-one interview with Governor Ivey a few hours after she announced her re-election campaign.

“People of Alabama have shown the entire nation that our faith, resilience, and pure common sense is what makes us and drives us to a promising future. And I’m proud to be your Governor and I’d be honored to serve a 2nd term,” Ivey said. “The voters are so excited to get out in the open now, and that’s a good thing because the pandemic is almost past us and people have been so responsible with social distancing and wearing the mask, they’ve been very faithful and resilient. So it’s going to be a promising campaign and a promising future and I look forward to being out with the people.”

Hardison asked about the status of her prison plan to lease three new mega prisons built by private companies. Ivey admitted they will go back to the legislature now after a deadline to find new private financing came and went without any new banks.

“It’s going to continue. We’ll be working with the legislature to continue this,” Ivey said. “Yes, we had a bump in the road and unexpected, and goodness knows but we’re gonna build those prisons because that’s just the key to keeping our inmates safe and our correctional officers safe. Without new buildings and safe buildings and high-tech, we can’t do all the other training that we so desperately need to do to rehabilitate our prisoners and not just warehouse them.” Asked about paying for the prisons Ivey said, “We’re working with the legislature on that issue and its very likely that we’ll have a bond issue.”

The governor also addressed issues like unemployment. Ivey said she encourages everyone who wants to work to get a job. She said there are more jobs in Alabama now than before the pandemic, and people have the opportunity to get back to work again. She said 44,000 of those jobs are “good-paying jobs.”

Asked about her health Gov. Ivey said, “I feel fine and I keep getting regular checkups and all is clear, and I’m eager to get on the campaign trail.”

What would be the governor’s priorities for a next term if elected? “I think now may be the crucial time to tackle education reform in a meaningful way, and I look forward to that opportunity.”

WBRC's Jonathan Hardison sits down with Gov. Ivey
WBRC's Jonathan Hardison sits down with Gov. Ivey(WBRC)

Hardison also asked Gov. Ivey about the unspent COVID-19 federal funds. She said, “Certainly we want to spend all the money that’s available to us but we want to spend it wisely, not frivolously.”

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