Dr. Gilani: Mental health and you

Published: Jun. 1, 2021 at 8:31 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Psychiatrist Dr. Amin Gilani spoke with WBRC recently about mental health. During the interview, two important questions you needed to know were not asked due to time constraint, so we texted Dr. Gilani for the answers you need to know.

Will this diagnosis be on my permanent record?

Gilani’s response: ”Medical records stay private unless we are worried about your safety. Even in a professional setting, we do not disclose your diagnosis unless we are referring you to a specialist and have your consent. In the counsel or service sector, we do not discuss your medical diagnosis, treatment or plan of care. Even if I may have referred you to an Ismaili colleague, Psychiatrist or Psychologist, we do not discuss your care beyond the clinic.”

Will my family know what we discussed?

Gilani’s response: “Providers do not discuss your medical care with anyone you have not given me explicit permission to discuss with on your HIPAA forms. Your family will only know what you choose to disclose to them. Diagnosis is fairly common, the fear of it being on permanent record deters individuals from seeking treatment, and that should not be the case.”

Is mental health treatment covered by my insurance?

Gilani’s response: ”Most insurance covers mental health treatment under ‘specialty care’ or ‘behavioral health.’ If your insurance does not cover mental health treatment, there are several agencies and community clinics that provide sliding scales to help make treatment more affordable. No insurance clinics will accept private pay, Mental Health clinic in tour catchment area should be free. Don’t forget free school and college counselor.”

Gilani practices at Alabama Psychiatry in Pelham, Ala. The address is 333 Business Circle, Pelham, AL 35124. The office phone is 205-255-3828.

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