Alabaster community cleaning up, drying off after Tuesday’s storm

Published: May. 7, 2021 at 9:36 AM CDT
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ALABASTER, Ala. (WBRC) - New images of some of the flooding that swamped one Alabaster community during Tuesday’s heavy rain. It flooded streets and homes off Jasmine Drive.

“Kept watching it yesterday and we were like okay - it’s going to keep on going. And get in the house. Within just a matter of minutes. It had gotten into the house. It had covered every bit of our floors,” said Bill Jones, Home Flooded in Storm.

Flood waters poured down Jasmine Drive.

“We got hit on both ends - from that end and the creeks behind us,” said Jones.

Neighbors believe beaver dams nearby contributed to the flooding because the water didn’t have anywhere to go, but into nearby homes.

Tuesday, Jones is cleaning up and drying off. Unfortunately, like many of his neighbors, he didn’t have flood insurance because he says the area is not on a flood plane.

“I told my wife to call my insurance to tell them what happened. Even though not a flood plane, it’s a storm,” said Jones, “It’s storm damage. Said nothing they can do.”

Insurance agencies like All State said the phones started ringing off the hook as soon as the rain slacked up Wednesday night about home and car damage.

“We probably had more flood claims to cars,” said Nathan Marcus with AllState. “This rain seemed to come on more sudden and people were parked in areas that didn’t normally create problems.”

Nathan Marcus with AllState says there is little that can be done if you didn’t have certain insurance policies before the storm, but would suggest getting comprehensive coverage for your car so you could get insurance help if your vehicle is impacted by flooding in the future. He also suggested getting flood insurance just in case because of Alabama’s weather.

“In some states it’s only - you can only get it if you live in a flood plane,” said Marcus, “In Alabama you can get a policy even if you’re not in a flood plane.”

Jones says even though he doesn’t have the flood insurance he’s appreciative of his community for helping him start recovery.

“Friend who lives in the neighborhood helped pull the baseboard and get fans to dry out what we can,” Jones

And there’s another neighbor helping neighbor element to this story. Jones was trying to go check on his older relatives down the street during the storm and cut his foot. His neighbor helped bandage his foot until he could get to see a doctor Wednesday because the water was so high, he didn’t think he could drive to get help.

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