Use-of-force expert reacts to Desmon Ray shooting video

Use of force protocol

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -In police body camera video released Thursday by Birmingham Police, we see and hear the moments leading up to Desmon Ray being shot by a Birmingham police officer off 9th Avenue West after BPD says Ray shot at them first.

We spoke with law enforcement analyst Ted Sexton about the shooting. Sexton is a former Tuscaloosa County Sheriff and Homeland Security chief.

“From what I see on the video without having any other related information, it appears to be a good shooting,” Sexton said.

Meaning by law, police officers have the right to use deadly force when someone poses an immediate threat to them or others.

“These officers encountered that particular situation. It’s every cop’s nightmare. I’m not aware of any cops that wake up in the morning and say let’s go kill somebody tonight. It’s not something especially in today’s times. It’s even more so a nightmare scenario,” Sexton said.

In the video, we do hear officers telling Ray to show them his hands. We also hear officers calling for medics at least two times after Ray was shot, which Chief Patrick Smith says is apart of their training.

Ray later died at UAB.

At the scene after the shooting and on video, you see a gun, Chief Smith says Ray used, on the ground within arm’s reach.

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