Homewood apartment complex floods again, rescues made by boat

Water rescues at apartments in Homewood

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The Crescent at Lakeshore Apartment Complex is bordered by Shades Creek but after the deluge today, it became more like a river and people had to be rescued by boat.

Firefighters had to hand over life jackets and help residents here hop into a boat along with their pets and whatever they could carry to get to higher ground.

“I do know we have brought out 13 people by boat so far,” Brandon Broadhead, Battalion Chief at Homewood Fire told WBRC.

Many people got out before their first floor apartments filled with water as Shades Creek rose. It has happened before at this complex, as recently as February 2020 also requiring rescues.

“One of my roommates’ car got flooded last year, the entire interior was completely flooded,” one resident said.

Today, after the creek rose multiple feet, residents were just happy to get out safely, including a local student and her dogs.

“We walked over there to this other apartment and the lady let us stay upstairs until they came and got us,” a student told reporters.

Her car though, is a total loss.

“I will stay here, but I will be upstairs next year,” she concluded.

The apartments were completely renovated and changes were made to help prevent as much flood damage, but it clearly wasn’t a match for the creek today.

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