What COVID-19 symptoms to still look out for even after being fully vaccinated

Getting COVID after vaccination - what you should look for

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - More than 200 people across the state have caught COVID-19 after being vaccinated. It’s called breakthrough Covid.

“About 5% of people, 1 out of 20 who have an exposure, will develop some degree of symptoms,” UAB infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Saag said. “I would say even if you are vaccinated, be vigilant.”

Being fully vaccinated doesn’t mean you won’t ever catch Covid-19 again and UAB infectious disease expert Dr. Michael Saag said you still need to be looking out for symptoms.

“Those symptoms are very similar to the original Covid,” Saag said. “Fever, maybe loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, fatigue, and just feeling bad. A person who is vaccinated is likely to get the same type of symptoms as if they weren’t vaccinated, it’s just that the severity is likely to be quite a bit less.”

Fully vaccinated people don’t need to get a Covid-19 test even after an exposure, unless you have symptoms.

“My suggestion, even if you’ve had a vaccine, if those types of symptoms come on, go get tested right away,” Saag said.

He said it’s important to get tested as soon as symptoms start in case you need treatment.

“These types of infusions work best in the first five days after an onset of symptoms,” Saag said. “The longer after that point in time, the less those interventions actually work.”

Dr. Saag said while fully vaccinated people are not expected to get extremely sick from the virus, you still need to know if you have it to help protect the unvaccinated.

“It’s possible that contacts around you, if you develop symptoms, may have picked up infection from you, especially if those people are not vaccinated,” Saag said.

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