Myths of COVID-19 Side Effects

Myths of COVID-19 Side Effects
(Source: Live 5 News)


Vaccine hesitancy continues to be a problem in Alabama and across the country. CDC polling shows one in five people are not getting the shots.

The reason for vaccine hesitancy is varied, but health leaders say there is evidence that people are concerned about side effects. The total numbers are low but this includes allergic reactions and deaths.

This week according to the latest numbers from the Alabama Department of Public Health the state has fully vaccinated over a million people. Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said just like other vaccines you may take there are side effects to watch.

“People can have local reactions. Redness and swelling in their arm where the injection actually takes place. Sometimes people feel a little rundown or sore or have chills or tired for a day or two,” Harris said.

Misconceptions about the vaccine include mistakenly blaming the vaccine for an unrelated health issue. Another misconception is that the vaccine can cause COVID-19. Neither of these are true. Other symptoms which can happen are relatively small.

“One in a million type things for example like blood clots with J&J or allergic reaction with Pfizer or Moderna,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris added that one of the biggest misconceptions he sees is that catching COVID is better than taking the vaccine.

“Young healthy people feel like the disease is not a problem for me, so why will I risk taking the vaccine,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris and others will tell you that’s not correct. Medical leaders said people should take the shot. People are still being monitored after taking the vaccines. You are encouraged to report any side effects that might occur to your doctor.

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