Man tossed in winds of April 27, 2011 tornado, survives Pratt City impact in bathtub

Pratt City tornado survivor remembers his experience

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Mother Nature ripped through Pratt City 10 years ago, and we’re still gripped by the stories of survival from the community.

King Ransom shared pictures of the aftermath of the tornado that hit the area - some of the only memories he has left of his home that was scattered along LaFayette Street.

“I was one of the ones who was saying, ‘It looks like it’s not going to be as bad as it was going to be,’” said Ransom, tornado survivor.

Unfortunately, it was much worse than Ransom could have imagined.

“Things started turning. Now I’m watching the news and seeing transformers blow in Tuscaloosa, and the weather person says it’s headed to Birmingham,” said Ransom.

Ransom says he didn’t think the tornado was headed directly his way, but says divine intervention told him to go straight to the bathroom and take over in his bathtub. No sooner had he crouched down - swirling winds were around him.

“All hell broke lose. I didn’t see anything but darkness,” said Ransom, “I was saying, ‘God, I don’t want to die.’”

Ransom says when the roar of the storm calmed, he opened his eyes and climbed through the debris. He was no longer in his bathroom, in fact there was no bathroom or home left. He had been blown across the street. Injured, but alive.

He says when April 27 comes around each year and we mark the anniversary of the deadly storm, what he experienced becomes real all over again.

“Big dark funnel cloud, debris, rubble, and you mean to tell me I was in that,” said Ransom, “Back then I thought - I didn’t have a weather radio. Now, I have two.”

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