Face masks can drop under limited conditions

CDC updates guidance for fully vaccinated individuals

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It’s another step to getting back to normal. Today, the CDC said if you are outdoors and vaccinated you don’t have to wear masks under certain conditions.

This is welcoming news for folks trying to get back to a normal lifestyle. The CDC said you can drop the masks if you are fully vaccinated and around small crowds, but the word is still keep that mask around just in case.

Wearing face masks has been the main weapon against the spread of COVID-19. Tuesday, the CDC and President Biden announced that due to more people getting vaccinated the face mask rules can change.

“As long as you are outdoors and you are fully vaccinated and you can maintain a safe space from others or gather with a small group of fully vaccinated people, you are safe,” said Dr. Ellen Eaton, UAB Infectious Diseases.

Doctors hoped this can be an incentive for people to get shots, and a way to continue to move the country back to normal to stop the spread of the pandemic. But there are still some restrictions.

“You are in a crowd. You are together with people yelling, talking loudly or singing you still need to wear a mask under those circumstances,” said Dr. Karen Landers.

Health leaders will also tell you don’t walk out the door without a face mask because you don’t know if you may head into a crowded indoor store or building.

“Bring your mask with you because you know someone is going to need a trip to the restroom, a trip to the convenience store. Make sure your mask is with you even if you are planning to be outdoors...never know when you need to be indoors,” said Eaton.

Doctors Eaton and Landers will remind you Alabama is still a long ways from having enough people vaccinated to throw away your masks.

Also, if you have children that are not vaccinated, be sure they have masks to be sure they can prevent the spread of the disease. So good news but bare in mind, it’s still limited to small groups not large outdoor events, concerts, or weddings.

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