New St. Clair County drug enforcement unit

New St. Clair County drug enforcement unit
Picture from a previous drug bust in St. Clair Co. (Source: St. Clair County Sheriff's Office)

ST. CLAIR Co., Ala. (WBRC) - St. Clair County Sheriff Billy J. Murray announced the formation of a specialized unit which has been organized to protect communities against the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics.

The specialized, highly trained group of law enforcement officers will comprise a working partnership with the FBI and the North Alabama Safe Streets Task Force to share resources, manage and investigate drug crime within St. Clair County and its borders.

“St. Clair County Law Enforcement has identified the sale and distribution of illegal drugs as a public safety concern. It is with this in mind that we have all agreed to work diligently to curb illegal drug activity. I look forward to working closely with everyone to make a difference in our communities,” said Billy J. Murray Sheriff

“This is an exciting time in our county, a time where every municipal police agency and our Sheriff’s Department have joined forces to form a specialized unit that focuses on illegal drug activity and specifically, illegal drug distribution. The St. Clair County District Attorney’s Office is proud to be associated with these agencies and it is our intent to vigorously prosecute drug dealers in St. Clair County. The citizens of St. Clair County understand the criminal impact that illegal narcotics have had on our daily lives and the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) will be a united and dominant force in making our communities safer,” said Lyle Harmon District Attorney St. Clair County Alabama

The following agencies are participating in the St. Clair County Drug Enforcement Unit:

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office

St. Clair County District Attorney’s Office

Pell City Police Department

Moody Police department

Leeds Police Department

Springville Police Department

Riverside Police Department

Ragland Police Department

Ashville Police Department

Margaret Police Department

Odenville Police Department

Steele Police Department

Argo Police Department

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