Law enforcement training after death of George Floyd

Training for police and other law enforcement

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After a jury found a Minnesota Police Officer guilty of the murder of George Floyd some are asking what can be done to prevent another officer from going too far when it comes to force.

Since last fall, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office has adopted a pair of training programs for its deputies. One is aimed at reducing bias, the other trying to reduce confrontation when incidents occur.

“Basically we had to explain to people what bias was because everybody thinks it’s a racial situation and it’s not always a racial situation,” Sgt Joni Money with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sgt Money said it deals with preconceived ideas on anything from skin color to how someone is dressed or even if they are football fan of a particular school.

Another key training program deals with de-escalation in confrontations with the public.

“The way you approach someone. Your body language. The tone you use when you speak to someone. We try to cover those aspects of how you communicate with people,” Sgt. Money said.

Law enforcement across the country has paid attention to the protests and confrontations that have occurred and lead to violence. Sgt. Money said deputies welcome the training.

“Our deputies are really responsive and will help them in their relationship with their citizens,” Money said.

Sgt Money said some deputies admit that the training does open their minds to new methods or ways in dealing the public. She added they have always had a form of these training methods in the past but after last year, these programs hope to provide more understanding of what officers can deal with without resorting to stronger cases of force.

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