Hospitalizations tick up slightly in Alabama after Easter and spring break

Hospitalizations up

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Hospitalizations are way down from the highest numbers we saw post-Christmas, but the numbers have gone up about 20 percent in the past week and a half.

Right, we had more than 3,000 hospitalizations at one point and statewide we see fewer than 400 today.

While a rise of 20 percent may sound like a lot, the increase went from 301 total hospitalized April 9, to 372 cases today. That’s an increase of 71 people.

“Yes there has been what I would decide as a slight increase and it’s also consistent with what we are seeing in terms of new cases,” said Dr. Don Williamson, president of the Alabama Hospital Association and former state health officer.

He says that he attributes the slight increase in cases over the past two weeks to three things.

“Number one, clearly Easter, spring break, I think also probably some association with end of the mask ordinance, and facilitating transmission.”

He says the way out of the worrying is through the vaccine.

“I do think that at the end of the day we need to find ways to encourage people to be vaccinated,” he said.

There are also younger people being hospitalized, since so many older people have gotten vaccinated.

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