Tuscaloosa County Jail inmates are being vaccinated for COVID-19

vaccinating inmates

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy told WBRC several months ago that he wanted to vaccinate jail inmates from coronavirus.

We’ve learned that’s happened at least twice. Abernathy said 74 inmates were vaccinated on Friday.

A smaller group of inmates, around 10, were vaccinated about a month ago.

This started months ago when nearly 200 of about 700 inmates in the Tuscaloosa County jail said they were interested in getting vaccinated, according to the Sheriff.

Both county inmates and those who are state prisoners waiting to be taken to state prisons to serve time are eligible to get vaccinated.

“This will make it safer for these inmates and our staff. Again, at the same time, make it where we can actually get those inmates, particularly that are state inmates that are already sentenced, sent down to state facilities,” Sheriff Abernathy explained.

Maude Whatley Health Services is administering vaccinations for Tuscaloosa County Jail inmates.

Sheriff Abernathy says Maude Whatley could vaccinate more inmates in the Tuscaloosa County Jail later this week.

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