Reaching community for vaccinations

Not enough people being vaccinated

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Church leaders and wells as other leaders in Jefferson County are worried if enough people will try and get vaccinated against COVID-19. President Biden at the beginning of the month hoped to reach out to faith based leaders to help push people to get those shots.

WBRC Fox6 News spoke with a few people today that said more people need to get vaccinated but they believe some are not going for the shots for a variety of reasons.

Alabama is seeing more vaccination sites come open and the state’s supply of vaccine is increasing. The big problem many see is that not enough people are taking part in the effort to get the vaccines. Rock City Church Pastor Mike McClure said he is praying about the problem. He doesn’t see as many African Americans taking those shots. Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson said next week more churches will be mobilized to reach their congregations and community to get the shots. Tyson said she sees less hesitancy and more confusion on how to get those shots.

“Right now we are going through the churches. We will have access to pastors and they will call on their congregations and also go throughout the neighborhood. Talking to the seniors, the grandkids and the children of the residents. Trying to get that herd immunity we need in order to make this population safe,” Tyson said.

Pastor McClure said some African Americans are hesitant and he wants to change that. Tyson says they will be stepping social media and messages from the churches to get information about vaccinations out to various folks in the communities.

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