Hoover residents oppose Bessemer rezoning

Opposition to proposed Parkwood Road development in Bessemer

HOOVER, Ala. (WBRC) - Homeowners in a Hoover neighborhood are speaking out against a rezoning that could bring in new apartments and townhomes to the Bessemer Area.

On Tuesday, the Planning and Zoning Board will take a look at a request to change from single home zoning to multi-family homes, which will open the door for a lot of people to come to one stretch of roadway in the area.

The road in question is Parkwood Road in Bessemer. A developer wants to put a 133-unit apartment complex and 400 townhomes in the area. This is considered the back entrance to Russet Woods and Southwood Park. People here believe it would be a detriment to their homes and families by adding so much more traffic on this roadway without major improvements. A petition opposes the rezoning change.

“We already have a lot of traffic going that way. The concern is if you have all those apartments and townhomes, the amount of people you would have on that road will overwhelm that road,” Karen Apel of Russet Woods said.

The head of the Jefferson County Commission also has heard from the residents.

“Well, the people in the Parkwood area are concerned about the traffic flow on Parkwood Road and what these two developments would create as far as traffic, and could the road actually handle that,” Commissioner Jimmie Stephens said.

Stephens said the county will demand the developer pay for and improve the roadway to handle ingress and egress out of the new neighborhood, as well as drainage issues, which would be a very big problem and issue.

If the zoning board approves the rezoning it would then go before the entire Bessemer City Council.

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