Health experts talk about potential booster shot

Preparing for booster shots

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Booster shots may be needed in the ongoing battle against COVID-19, according to health experts. But getting people to go back year after year for vaccines, that may be another challenge.

Science supporting COVID-19 booster shots had not been released at the time this article was written so a decision on whether the booster shot would be needed had not been made.

Some state health leaders believed booster shots will be needed to keep the public protected against COVID-19.

As we’ve heard health leaders say before, COVID-19 vaccination may follow the frequency of getting vaccinated for the flu.

Dr. Karen Landers with the state department of health said the state had done well with the response to the COVID vaccines and had a high completion rate, meaning people were returning to get their second doses.

Although the state did not have a plan in place at the time for the rollout of booster shots, Landers said she believed the state would fair well with compliance.

“I do expect that with more discussion that if a third dose is recommended, or if a booster dose is recommended or even yearly dose of COVID-19 vaccine, that persons will want to avail themselves with the protection of this vaccine,” Landers said.

The state said they didn’t expect as much scarcity of vaccines in the future which means less likelihood of a delay in rolling out booster shots.

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