UAB Making Scheduling Changes for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Walk-in vaccinations at Hoover Met, Parker HS

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Good news if you have been struggling to schedule a COVID-19 shot. Today UAB announced efforts to make signing up a lot easier.

The biggest problem for UAB in the past has been supply. But now people can to UAB’s website and schedule a vaccination at a particular site the next day.

Dr. Sarah Nafziger, at UAB said they are trying to make the process easy as possible.

“If you show up at any of our sites and we have that capacity. We are going to get you served that day and get you taken care of. The whole theme of today is remove any barriers,” Nafziger said.

Nafziger said you also don’t have to provide a social security number to make an appointment if you are concerned about identity theft or if you don’t have social security number.

Dr. Nafziger said the supply has increased, but she is concerned about a drop in demand.

“We are starting to see the demand for vaccine slow down. The lines for vaccine. Those who have registered and waited for their appointment, that list is getting shorter and shorter,” Nafziger said.

Shorter lines are great, but it also could mean all those who want to get shots are getting them and Nafziger says that is not good news.

“We don’t have enough people vaccinated enough to reach herd immunity. That is our ticket to get things back to normal,” Nafziger said.

If you are interested in making an appointment with UAB go to or finding another healthcare provider go to

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