Small church-based school still recovering from Hale County tornado

Hale County school recovering from tornado

HALE CO., Ala. (WBRC) - A small school in Hale County is on the long and expensive journey to recovery after a tornado last month, the people affiliated with the school are determined to continue its mission despite the major setbacks.

“We were singing, praying to God and as the storm passed over, you could just feel it. You could hear it,” said Darla Price, Director of Operations for the NAPS Southern Alabama Campus.

After she and others stepped outside the two bathrooms where they had been sheltering, they realized the amount of damage a tornado can cause.

“We were outside and we saw our school had been totally destroyed,” Price said.

National Association for the Prevention of Starvation
National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (Source: wbrc)

NAPS or the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation, has distributed food to people in need several West Alabama counties for more than a decade.

Now twelve students who make up the NAPS K-8 and medical missionary training schools, along with volunteers are trying to make repairs.

“During the tornado, some of our decks got weak and it started to fall apart. So you know we did our faith mechanics and we started to rebuild our decks and make sure nobody falls through,” Jade Burrell, a student there explained.

But they still want to fulfill NAPS mission. They are moving forward with another planned food distribution effort Friday.

“We understand that God has commissioned us to go forward, don’t stop. The devil may send us storms. But that’s no excuse to stop serving in your neighborhood, your community,” Price added.

Prices says they estimate it will cost nearly half a million dollars to repair the damage. NAPS is also a non-profit, getting by on small dollar donations. If you’d like to donate building materials or money to NAPS rebuilding effort in Sawyerville, they can be contacted online at or by calling (256) 529-5952.

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