Monthly art boxes helping kids get through 2nd summer of the pandemic

Keeping kids connected to art

TUSCALOOSA Co., Ala. (WBRC) - The arts and craft items Ashley Williams pulled out of bag mean a lot to some children living in Northport. “Programs like this during COVID are incredibly important,” said Williams, marketing manager for the Kentuck Art Center. She believes their Boxes of Joy program is just what the 46 kids living in the West Circle community need, as we approach a second summer during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Kids need an outlet to express themselves and learn about the arts that we have here in Alabama, Tuscaloosa and the South. And we want to engage with that community as much as we can,” Williams continued.

Kentuck, with funding the Alabama Council of the Arts, is working the Northport Housing Authority to give boxes of love to kids ages 4 to 12 living in the West Circle community once a month. They contain items like play-doh, markers and activity cut outs similar to some of the art found in Kentuck’s Art Center. Kids are given instructions on how to make their own art at home. Williams said it’s already made a difference in one child’s life.

“One little boy who didn’t really get out much; he wasn’t keen on socializing. But he got his box of joy. And he was having a wonderful time,” Williams explained.

Kids in the program are getting their next Box of Joy on Friday. The programs ends in September.

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