Signing day for Midfield High School students going to trade school

Ten students signed on to trade school at the Academy Craft Training Program

Midfield trade school signing day

MIDFIELD, Ala. (WBRC) - Ten Midfield High School students celebrated signing day with family and fellow classmates. The seniors weren’t signing to play for college athletic programs, instead, they were signing on to trade schools to ensure they had a solid career after high school.

Students have been working to be selected for the program all year, and the signing day was the culmination of their hard work. This is also the first time that Midfield has held a signing day for students going to trade school programs.

As part of the program, the students will learn more about construction, electrical engineering, exterior and interior finishes, and more. They’ll be doing that at the Academy of Craft Training. CTE director and organizer of the program, Eureika Bishop, says that it’s an honor to be able to put something like this together for these hard-working students.

“What motivated this was our students that are going to college, we celebrate them now, but the kids that’s going into the career tech field, I want to be able to celebrate them as well,” Bishop said.

Students and family say the day was a moment of pride.

“It’s like a big step going further in life, getting out in the world making sure I already have a set goal so I won’t have to be struggling,” Juane Bryant, a senior going into the interior/exterior finishes program, said.

The Midfield seniors will start their programs after they complete their graduation.

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