Masks now optional inside Tuscaloosa County courthouse, mandatory in courtrooms

Masks still required in parts of Tuscaloosa Co. courthouse

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - People walking into the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse must still stop and get their temperature checked. But wearing a face covering is no longer mandated in most parts of the building, according to the County’s Probate Judge.

“We will encourage mask use to continue in the publicly accessible areas of the courthouse,” Judge Rob Robertson told WBRC.

Otherwise, wearing a mask or face covering is only required in courtrooms in the courthouse until a judge approves their removal for something such as speaking.

Judge Robertson said courthouse employees are required to have their face covered when interacting with the public, unless there’s a glass partition between them. Many county offices there were redesigned recently with that addition.

On most other occasions, wearing a mask is now up to individuals there or other county-maintained buildings like license and tag offices.

“It wouldn’t matter to me anyway. I would probably still wear the mask,” Randall Childers explained outside of the courthouse.

But Michael Reach will go without a mask unless it’s required where he has to go. “Yes, personally, I will choose not to,” he expressed Monday.

The current court order dealing with mask wearing at places like Tuscaloosa County’s courthouse is in effect until May 14, according to Judge Robertson. It could be adjusted after that.

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