Get ready for another gas tax increase in a few months

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 7:32 AM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Get ready for another gas tax increase in a few months. It’s part of the consecutive increase over the last few years to help fund road and bridge projects.

State leaders say the Alabama Rebuild Act has helped generate millions and smoothed miles of bumpy roads after it was passed in 2019. They alone it’s been effective, but believe we could get an extra push based on talks in Washington.

If you’re a stickler about finding the cheapest gas prices, get ready for another two cent increase this October. It’s the latest increase included in the Rebuild Alabama Act passed in 2019, and you can track your dollars to roads across the state.

“Counties resurfaced a little over 1000 miles. In the process of replacing 20 bridges statewide,” said Sonny Brasfield, Executive Director - Association of County Commissions Alabama. “In October, counties adopted a new set of plans and we expect counties will be able to do about 20 percent more than last year.”

Jefferson County, for example, plans to focus on several projects based on documents submitted to state leaders, including Walker Chapel Bridge and Minor Parkway.

Rebuild Alabama was projected to raise more than $300 million annually for projects. State leaders say COVID slowed down gas consumption and the state saw an upwards of $12 million decline based on yearly comparisons, but people are filling their tanks again.

“This year alone, gas diesel tax has generated almost $80 million dollars, and that’s through March, so that’s half a year,” said Kirk Fulford, Deputy Director Alabama Legislative Services Agency - Fiscal Division.

Welcomed money for projects after the state received a C- from the federal government on its infrastructure report card. President Biden is meeting with lawmakers in Washington this week to try to get his infrastructure plan that will cost trillions through the house and senate.

“It’ll allow us to capture more funds and do the projects that are so important,” said Greg Cochran, Executive Director Alabama League of Municipalities. “We’re on the road - no pun intended to getting where we need to be.”

For a breakdown of what you county plans to spend, visit this website.

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