Volunteers working to get more information about COVID-19 vaccine to folks

Canvassers share vaccine information

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Volunteers hit the streets Monday trying to provide information to people in west Birmingham about COVID vaccines.

It’s hoped they will be able to give out information to some 3,000 homes in the Smithfield and Graymont communities of Birmingham. They will be working over the next four days hoping to convince more people to take those shots.

The volunteers are putting out door knockers with information about the vaccine, along with phone numbers and websites where people can get even more information.

“I will get one this week. Right by Parker High School,” Josephine Underwood, a Smithfield resident, said.

Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Tyson went with volunteers to talk to residents. Tyson said they have to do a better job of convincing some people to take the vaccines because some question the shots and there is some misinformation out there about the vaccinations.

“I look at people as my family members. You are my mother, you are my father, my brother, my sister. I want them to have the correct information before they make a decision for themselves and their family,” Tyson said.

Most of those who spoke with WBRC welcomed getting information about the vaccines.

“I was afraid my blood pressure would go up every time I would have to take a shot. But I got over it. I got both my shots and I encourage everyone to go and get their shots,” Clara Griggs, a Smithfield resident, said.

The volunteers hoped to speak to people who may have questions about the vaccines or door knockers. The campaign wanted to see more people willing to take the COVID-19 shots.

“Everyone needs one,” Griggs said.

UAB’s Minority Health Disparity Research Center provided funds for volunteers and the door knockers. The center believes the more information people have, the better chance they will get the shots.

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