More women getting COVID-19 vaccine in B’ham metro

More women than men getting vaccinated?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - It appears more women are getting a COVID-19 vaccine locally at vaccine sites around the Birmingham metro.

Doctors have not pinpointed why this is happening. They say it could be for a number of reasons.

At UAB’s vaccine sites, health leaders say women have been much more eager to get a vaccine. About 60% of doses have been given to women, according to Dr. Sarah Nafziger, the vice-president of clinical support services at UAB.

Nafziger tells us they haven’t specifically marketed to women. Nafziger says, in general, men are more hesitant about going to the doctor or going to primary care for health maintenance, and that could be some of the reasons why more men aren’t getting a shot in the arm.

“Maybe that’s a take home message for all of us out there who have men in our lives who we love. Maybe we need to talk to them about their willingness to take the vaccine,” Nafziger said.

The Associated Press and others recently found that white, conservative men are more hesitant about getting the vaccine. Doctors say that could be because of misinformation about the shot, among other factors.

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