JeffCo Dept. of Health: Vaccine open to everyone

What's next in the push to get people vaccinated?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Targeting the most vulnerable with the vaccine has been a top priority for state and local health leaders. So, what’s next?

Over the past several months, the focus has been on the older population, healthcare workers, and other first responders in Jefferson County.

The county health department is also making sure equity is in the vaccine distribution process. Health leaders say they want to make sure it gets into the arms of the most vulnerable populations. That has taken place for the most part, according to county health officer Dr. Mark Wilson.

Now that more vaccine is widely available, the county’s top doctor says it’s open to everyone who wants. it.

“It’s really wide open and we’re fine with it being wide open. We are not specifically targeting any group at this point. It’s like anybody who wants to be vaccinated, get vaccinated. It’s a great place to be,” Dr. Wilson said.

More vaccine sites are opening up including the one at the Birmingham airport. We’re told that site can give out up to 4,500 shots each week over the next couple of months.

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