Birmingham issues park curfews after Easter Sunday shooting

Curfews at Birmingham parks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - After the Easter Sunday Patton Park shooting, city officials are now cracking down and enforcing a park curfew.

East Lake, Patton, and George Ward Parks all now have a 6pm curfew.

Park Board Chairman Montal Morton said 6pm was chosen because 5pm through 8pm are high traffic times at each park.

The curfew is every Saturday and Sunday for the next three weeks, but Morton said they will extend it if they need to.

He said he doesn’t want to punish anyone; he just wants people to be safe.

“The parks and rec are for the citizens,” Morton said. “We want them to enjoy themselves. We want them to enjoy their families. We want them to be able to enjoy what they pay taxes for, but at the same time, safety comes first. It was time to make a decision.”

Morton said signs will be going up at each park and they are working with the Birmingham Police Department and Mayor’s office for monitoring.

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