15-year-old Patton Park shooting victim describes chaotic moment, recovery

15-year-old injured in shooting speaks out on violence

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - One of the younger victims in that Easter Sunday shooting at Patton Park continues to recover at home.

15-year-old Lakiyah Luckey was shot in the hand and leg. She was one of 5 young people injured. Her hand is bandaged so much you can only see the tops of a few fingers and you can see a huge bandage on her leg. She had to have surgery and may require additional surgery because doctors couldn’t remove the bullet in her leg yet.

Even in pain and considering what she experienced, Lakiyah smiled Thursday and said she wanted to keep it together - even in the moments after she was shot - because she didn’t want to worry her mom.

She was riding her 4-wheeler with her brother when she was hurt. Lakiyah was able to get to her parents who were right across the street at a relative’s home to get help. Her mom said she was on the porch and heard the rounds of gunshots and initially thought it was fireworks.

“All of a sudden you see everyone run out the park and you can hear this lady just screaming. Screaming. And I knew someone got shot - not know that one would be my child,” said Tenethia Davis, Mom.

“I see something flying towards me. I’m thinking it’s rocks. It’s coming so fast I didn’t think quick enough that it’s bullets until I saw everyone screaming and running,” said Lakiyah Luckey.

Lakiyah says there were at least 1,000 people in the park. As she tried to get to help and safety, she also tried to help a young child that was separated from their mom.

Her mom is thankful that her daughter is okay, but is angry that other young people were injured and an innocent woman was killed.

“Just stop the violence. Put the guns down especially when you have all these children. Stop shooting around innocent babies,” said Davis.

In the latest update from Birmingham Police - Chief Patrick Smith said the other 4 injured are continuing to recover and he expressed sorrow to the family of 32-year-old Areyelle Yarbrough who was killed. An over $18,000 reward is offered in the case.

Davis said she would only allow her daughter go back to the park if there is a small group of people. Chief Smith says he wants people to feel safe when they go to the park and plans to deploy more resources to monitor park activity and make sure parks are safe.

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