Tuscaloosa city school teachers will get an extra $400 in May

Tuscaloosa City Schools teachers get extra money

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - All full time Tuscaloosa City School employees will be getting an additional $400 after the Alabama Education Association representative for Tuscaloosa-area teachers says ongoing discussions with the school system superintendent paid off this week.

The money is officially called a “retention supplement.” All full-time teachers and support staff will get a one time $400 at the end of May according to Rick Bailes with AEA. He believes it shows the Tuscaloosa City School Board willingness to get behind teachers and the effort they put into completing this school year under trying circumstances caused by coronavirus. That included regular teaching duties on top of doing remote learning and extra cleaning that was necessary to stop the virus from spreading in schools.

AEA is happy that effort is being supported financially. “That in and off itself is enough to be recognized. One of the best ways you can recognize someone is to give them a little extra money,” Bailes said.

Tuscaloosa City Schools’s decision to give their teachers some extra money comes several months after Tuscaloosa County Schools did something similar before the end of the Fall semester.

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