Local health leaders starting to see vaccine registration numbers shrink a little

Concerns over trends in COVID vaccinations

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Local health leaders are starting to see a vaccine trend they don’t like.

UAB hasn’t run out of people to vaccinate yet, according to Dr. Sarah Nafziger, but she is starting to see the numbers shrink and that has her concerned. She keeps a check on the number of people who are signing up each day.

Right now, Nafziger doesn’t like seeing the numbers dwindle somewhat because we’re not out of the woods yet and not enough people have been vaccinated to get us to that point.

“I’m concerned that at some point over the next few weeks that we will exhaust the number of people who want to be vaccinated. I hope that’s not true because if so, that’s making me very nervous.. We need everyone to get vaccinated and we are not there yet,” Dr. Nafziger said.

UAB is making the registration process faster. Instead of waiting several weeks, you should be able to get a vaccine within days or up to a week after registering, according to Nafziger.

You can sign up for a vaccine through UAB here: https://www.uabmedicinevaccine.org/

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