HB90 up, advocates hope distracted driving bill passes this session

Distracted driving bill

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - State lawmakers are considering a distracted driving bill in Montgomery. A mom who lost her daughter to distracted driving hopes this is the year the bill becomes law.

HB90 is a hands-free distracted driving bill which means once you’re in your car - the phone is down and you’re focused on the road.

Alabama does have a no texting law where an officer can issue a citation and fine if you’re caught texting and driving, but this bill is designed to do more.

This bill would also mean you could receive a 3-point violation on your driving record on a third conviction. There are some exceptions. For example, emergency responders could use their phone to communicate when responding to an emergency or if you need to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Michelle Lunsford has been a strong advocate for something like after her daughter died in a distracted driving accident. This is the second big push for her to get the bill passed. In 2019 the bill stalled on the senate floor - but she’s hoping that this is the year it passes and becomes law.

“What a wake up call you lose the most important thing in your life. Put that phone down. All I know to do is to try to get people to put the phone down. It’s not worth losing someone,” said Michelle Lunsford, Advocate for Distracted Driving Bill.

Lunsford says it’s on the special order calendar Tuesday and she’s asking people to call the state lawmaker for their area too push them to get this bill through.

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