Eagle Point community continues tornado clean up

Eagle Point residents still recovering from EF-3 tornado

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - With the threat of rain and storms through the weekend, people in the Eagle Point community continue to balance cleaning up while keeping an eye on the weather just in case.

Dump trucks still roar down the streets with crews picking up debris. Neighbors say its been like this since the storm and say the county has offered this service for free. People who live there say a lot of debris has been hauled away, but there are still mountains of debris left.

WBRC FOX6 News spoke to one neighbor who rode out the storm in his basement with his family. It knocked out the windows to the cars in his driveway, sucked out some of the windows to his home, and damaged his garage. Roofers were out assessing damage Wednesday. He says he’s watching the forecast closely just in case.

“Have our Fox6 app ready so we get alerts. We just don’t take anything for granted anymore. For 16 years we thought a tornado could never hit here and now we know different. We’ll always be prepared,” said Herb Wilke, Homeowner.

Make sure you’re prepared by downloading the First Alert Weather App and have your weather radio charged as well.

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