Appointments available at Birmingham Airport vaccination site for Thursday

COVID vaccine appointment availability

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - There at still many open vaccine appointments for tomorrow, April 8th, at the Birmingham airport site, but county health officials said the available slots don’t necessarily mean the site isn’t successful.

“It’s very accessible,” Dr. David Hicks with the Jefferson County Health Department said. “We wish it was like this two months ago.”

Dr. Hicks said COVID-19 vaccine is easier than ever to find and there are open appointments almost every week at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport site. Each week, the appointments open up.

“People typically fill up first thing in the morning,” Hicks said. “First in the afternoon and then later in the evening. Midday and midmorning are the ones that not as many people are filling up.”

But, even with open appointments, Dr. Hicks said the site is still successful. He said they vaccinate around 1,000 people each day.

“There was a lot of demand and those appointments were being booked up,” Hicks said. “They increased the number of appointments per day beyond 1,000, so now there should be about 1,200.”

Adding 200 additional appointment slots this week, Hicks said the county is working to make sure the slots are at popular times.

“They’ve kind of put more where they see a lot of people wanting those slots and a little less for the less desirable times,” he said.

Dr. Hicks said it’s hard to tell why the site isn’t filling up to capacity everyday. He said it could be because it’s still new, vaccine hesitancy, or because there are many providers in the county to get vaccinated at.

“I have not heard of any reports of people having to waste vaccine because they didn’t have enough people to give a shot too,” he said about the airport site.

“You can immediately book an appointment and know right now the exact date and you pick your time,” Hicks said. “Show up and get in and out in 20 minutes. That’s hard to beat.”

Dr. Hicks said this airport site will be open for the next few months.

To find the vaccination site, drive down the main drag to the airport on Messer Airport Highway. When you get to the light at Aviation Avenue (with the cemetery on your left), take a left. Drive along Aviation Avenue until it dead ends. Then take a right onto 50th Street North. Keep driving until you see big tents on your left. That is the vaccination site.

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