Applications open at Birmingham Fire and Rescue

Birmingham Fire Department accepting applications

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Birmingham Fire & Rescue is currently accepting applications in careers ranging from EMS to fire fighting. The city opens up the application twice a year for candidates looking to protect and serve in their community.

“We just graduated a recruit school of 27 personnel,” says Battalion Chief Jackie Hicks. “Those personnel will be very much in need for us right now because we are working a little short handed. We are also now in the process of interviewing at least 60 personnel.”

Hicks says there’s still a need for more. Recruitment and retention are an issue within the department.

“We have a lot of retirees every year so we’re losing people every year from retirement. Also, retention is big in every profession,” says Hicks. “It’s no different in the fire fighting business. We are just losing individuals as well to other professions.”

Hicks says his 24 year career with the department has helped not only him, but also his family. He wants more young people to be aware of this opportunity.

“It’s one of the better jobs you can even get without having a college degree because there’s only a high school diploma qualification,” says Hicks.

“We just want our young people to know. You hear fire fighting and it kind of scares everyone off but it’s not just about fire fighting. Of course there are the EMs and there’s community service.”

The application is open until the 25th. To apply visit,

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