Tuscaloosa City Council rescinds the mayor’s emergency powers for the pandemic

Emergency powers pulled from Tuscaloosa mayor

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - The city of Tuscaloosa continues to make changes that indicate the threat of coronavirus is decreasing. The Tuscaloosa City Council terminated some of the temporary authority granted to Mayor Maddox at the start of the pandemic, during Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

As coronavirus cases began rising last year, the city council gave Mayor Walt Maddox authority to make decisions related to the pandemic quickly and without approval of the city council.

City Council President Cynthia Almond said councilors wanted the mayor to be able to act quickly to protect the DCH Health System from being overrun by COVID-positive patients.

Over the past month, the threat coronavirus posed to DCH has been less severe. She said it made sense to rescind the Mayor’s emergency powers now.

“Having a pattern of that for several weeks now, the council and the mayor, felt that it was time to rescind the emergency powers. And that’s what we did last night,” Almond said.

The city council also decided to leave one of the changes Mayor Maddox made in place a little while longer. Certain restaurants will be able to allow customers to eat outside for at least another thirty days.

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