Teacher remembers Easter Sunday shooting victim fondly

Teacher remembers former student killed in shooting

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Areyelle Yarbrough died at just 32, and in her short life, she left a lasting memory on everyone who knew her.

Dr. Lisa Walker Stewart is a lifelong educator. She taught Areyelle at Fairfield Preparatory High.

“I vividly recall her handwriting, and her wanting to make sure she received the gold stars, the smiley faces or however I chose to celebrate their writing,” said Dr. Stewart.

She also remembers her going above and beyond, someone she trusted with more than classwork.

“Areyelle was one of those students that I would say help me keep up with my child during yearbook, hold my child’s hand while I’m doing homecoming or pageant,” recalled Dr. Stewart.

Dr. Stewart was driving to work Monday morning when she heard the news, and she had to pull over to process her pain.

“As I drove toward school I was just devastated, just speechless, heartbroken,” said Dr. Stewart.

Now, she hopes that Areyelle’s family gets justice, and someone comes forward.

“She’s special to us, her life mattered and we want her and her family to rest in peace,” said Dr. Stewart.

They even went to the same university, Alabama A&M, something Dr. Stewart was extra proud to see her do.

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