Mountain Brook could soon add entertainment districts

Mt. Brook

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Mountain Brook may be the latest city in our area to add not one, but three entertainment districts.

The bill first introduced by State Representative David Faulkner would allow the city to establish entertainment districts passed in the Alabama House of Representatives. Now the city waits on the approval of the Senate.

In Alabama Law, the entertainment district designation allows participating businesses with liquor licenses to sell alcohol to be consumed within the of the district and within its hours of operation.

“It is going to create entertainment districts in three of our villages,” says Mayor Stewart Welch. “So we’ll start with Mountain Brook Village, also Crestline Village and then also English Village. So it really gives us an opportunity to do a lot of thing and have a lot of fun events.”

Mayor Welch says the idea was birthed from Lane Park, one of the city’s newest developments.

“It is perfectly set up for an entertainment district,” says Welch. “So that’s what got the conversation started and as we got into the conversation we determined well we could do an entertainment district for each of our three main villages and create opportunities all across our city.”

Mayor Welch says last year was a tough year for so many businesses. He says the community is excited about what’s to come.

“Almost like a coming out party. So you know everything was crazy last year,” says Mayor Welch. “Everything’s beginning to open back up this year. As more and more people get vaccinated we think it’s going to create opportunities for more people to come to the city.”

Mayor Welch says once it passes in the Senate & Governor Ivey signs the bill, the city council will then finalize the details of each the districts for each area.

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