It’s like Uber for songs: University of Alabama Grad creates business support musicians and share love

Updated: Apr. 7, 2021 at 5:25 PM CDT
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Do you want a song about your cat? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect way to ask your girlfriend to marry you. Maybe you need a birthday gift for your best friend who has everything. Whatever the reason, a new website started by a University of Alabama Graduate can help.

“Songlorius” connects people to musicians for personalized songs for any occasion. It’s like Uber for musicians.

“It’s a lot more successful than we thought it would be,” says Omayya Atout. He and his wife launched the company last year, in the height of coronavirus lockdowns.

“We have sold about 7000 songs for all kinds of occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, songs for people pets, people’s kids, to tell them to get off their x box and mow the lawn, corporate events and even for small businesses to have a jingle,” he explains.

It all started when Atout and his wife, who are both musicians, wrote a song for a friend’s wedding.

“It was personalized, we made it about them and their story, the reaction blew us away. People were crying, they were crying,” says Atout. “A couple of months later we were in the middle of corona and we said why don’t we set a website up and see if this works as a business, and the orders started coming in like crazy, we weren’t expecting it.”

At first the couple was writing and recording all the songs themselves, but the orders kept coming.

“It started to get to be a lot and were weren’t able to keep up. But at the same time we had artists reaching out asking if they could join the team,” says Atout. “So we started bringing on musicians and now we have 120 musicians who record from home.”

The artists live all over the world, though many are in Nashville. The songs can help tell a story, connect families, friends and loves during a pandemic, when so many of us were forced to be apart. But the business also supports musicians whose livelihoods who were put on pause when the pandemic hit, bars closed and live music stopped. Knowing they are supporting artists brings Atout and his wife great joy.

“The way it makes me feel is amazing. Bringing value on both sides of the business, helping the artists and the reaction from the customers have been crazy. The reviews aren’t just a sentence but two paragraphs. Our who family cried, I listened to it 10 times a day or 10 times on the way to work. And it makes me cry every time. It’s always really passionate reviews, it feels really good,” says Atout. “On the artists side, they are very grateful for the chance to be able to play music and make money and it feels really good to be able to do that.”

Songs range in price based on the length and if the recording will be used publicly or privately. If you’ve been wanting a personalized love song, a lullaby with your newborn’s name in it, a jingle for your Dad’s birthday anything else, check out songlorius!

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