Businesses react to Birmingham extending mask ordinance

Mixed reaction to extension of B'ham mask mandate

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Alabama’s mask ordinance will end on Friday, but the Birmingham City Council is extending the city’s mask ordinance until at least May 24.

Some businesses we spoke say extending the mask ordinance is necessary but others not so much.

The owner of Eugene’s Hot Chicken feels what the city did Tuesday will save lives.

I totally agree with the mayor. I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. I think until more people get more vaccinations, we probably need to continue to wear the masks,” Zebbie Carney with Eugene’s Hot Chicken said.

Robert Banks with the Straight Line Barber Shop in Ensley doesn’t agree with the city’s decision. He feels it’s time to do away with it seeing as there are more vaccine sites opening up.

Banks has taken precautions during the pandemic. His barbers wearing gloves and face masks. However he feels the face mask ordinance has impacted business.

“This [mask] right here is a hindrance of business because some people don’t feel like they should come when they have asthma or anything like that or underling health issues and sometimes it’s a conflict because certain people you tell to have the mask on, they’ll get an attitude,” Banks said.

Even Mayor Randall Woodfin says he doesn’t want to continue wearing a face mask, but he feels doing so will save lives. He also pointed out that a majority of residents in Birmingham haven’t received a vaccine yet.

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