Is it necessary to vaccinate children against COVID-19?

Teenagers and the COVID vaccine

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A local health expert said vaccinating children against COVID-19 is just as important as vaccinating adults.

Although kids are less susceptible to severe COVID-19 infection, Pediatric Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Kimberlin with UAB said they play an important role in beating the pandemic.

“Until we get adequate numbers of people percentages of the population that are immune to the virus it will continue to circulate. And if it continues to circulate, it will find people like a heat-seeking missile who are most vulnerable to it and therefore most at risk of having really disease or even dying,” Kimberlin said.

Kimberlin said that includes children.

“Children have died from this virus,” Kimberlin said.

Although COVID is less likely to lead to death in children, Kimberlin says vaccinating youth helps protect the most at-risk.

“A one-year-old can transmit this virus. A seven-year-old can transmit this virus. A 15-year-old can transmit this virus. A 25-year-old can as well. So, we need to protect all of us in order to get the benefit individually but be able to get to that magic 70-percent, 80-percent- whatever the threshold is, where we have herd immunity,” he explained.

Currently, vaccines are only available to those 16-years-old and up.

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