Birmingham pastor is optimistic despite tornado damage; says the Gospel will be preached regardless

Center Point church's plans for Easter after building damaged by storms

CENTER POINT, Ala. (WBRC) - Easter Sunday will look a bit different for Victory City Church in Center Point this year, after the church was badly damaged in a January tornado that swept through the northern part of Jefferson County.

Pastor Brandon Knight is optimistic about the future of his church, saying the word of God will still be preached, whether there’s a building or not.

Pastor Knight remembers January 25th vividly.

“It was just surprising. It was like 12 o’clock in the morning and we don’t stay in Birmingham and so we weren’t even really aware that it was happening. Once we started getting texts, calls, [saying] you need to turn on the news and then just the shock to see, only when the lightning would light up the sky, that the roof was missing off the building. [It] was just like…nothing you would expect. The most sinking feeling possible really,” Pastor Knight said.

He said he immediately started thinking about people in the community knowing they often look to the church in difficult times.

“We were concerned about the church for sure, but much more concerned about people who were going to be displaced. And it put us in a different position because even in the midst of our need, we do like for the church to be a resource for the gospel to be able to communicate the gospel even in that,” Pastor Knight explained.

As resurrection Sunday approaches, Pastor Knight finds irony in the fact that the church building is severely damaged during a time when Jesus’ body was also broken.

“A building is so minuscule, so minuscule compared to the weight of the gospel…not even close. So, yeah, we don’t have a building, but the church still exists,” Pastor Knight said.

Knight said he’s still waiting to hear form the insurance company about the status of the church building.

He said an engineer will need to determine if the building is even structurally sound.

Pastor Knight said his congregation is no stranger to virtual sermons because of COVID, and there will be a special message this Sunday.

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