Johnson and Johnson vaccine mix up not expected to impact Alabama immediately

Will Johnson & Johnson vaccine mix up impact Alabama?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - The demand for COVID vaccinations continues to outweigh supply. So it was not good news when Johnson and Johnson had to throw away millions of doses of it’s one shot vaccine.

Johnson and Johnson announced that due to a quality control problem at a Baltimore, Maryland plant where there was a mix up of vaccines. The company had to discard 15 million doses. While one state health leader is stunned, Alabama’s Department of Public Health said in a statement it doesn’t look as though the waste will cause a problem for the immediate future.

“I trust there will be a full and complete evaluation to see what went wrong. I think the encouraging thing is none of the 15 million doses got into the supply to be used.” Dr. Don Williamson with the Alabama Hospital Association said.

This week, 34 Winn Dixie Grocery stores in Alabama will be getting 2,200 doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccines. They will start administering the shots on Friday. The Alabama Department of Public Health in statement is aware of the problem with J&J vaccine but they have not been told it will affect the shipment coming to the state.

“I’m excited about the Winn Dixie’s. The pharmacies. The Wal Marts all of this is a huge step in the right direction,” Williamson said.

ADPH said most of the vaccines being used in Alabama are still the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. which require two doses. Still the loss of any of J&J vaccine, which is just one shot, will hurt efforts to bring the pandemic under control quicker.

“Anything that reduces the available vaccine, that makes it harder for people to be vaccinated hurts,” Williamson said.

According to reports, the company which Johnson and Johnson has hired has had quality control issues in the past. The CDC investigating and this may suspend shipments in the near future.. The company hoped to have a 100 million doses out by the end of May.

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