Greater B’ham association of Homebuilders advises tornado victims to take their time and do their research

Rebuilding help for storm victims

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - As tornado victims look for help repairing or rebuilding their homes recent tornadoes, the Greater Birmingham Association of Homebuilders is hoping to make the task easier.

“Our investigators are strung out all over the state. I’ve got them I’ve got them all the way from west Alabama to northeast Alabama looking at the storm damage from a week ago.” Chip Carden, Executive Director of the Home Builders Licensure Board said.

The Home Builders Licensure Board makes sure all of those contractors seeking your work and money are on the legitimate. “Somebody rolls up on you and solicits you, that is the one you need to be wary of. You need to ask them for their license card.” Carden said.

The Greater Birmingham Association of Homebuilders set up shop in the Home Depot parking lot on 280 to answer questions and to give advice to people in desperate need of finding someone to hire. It may be difficult to find a contractor off the immediately but the Home Builders Licensure Board would tell you don’t rush into a decision.

“Make sure you have a good contract. Don’t get in a hurry. A lot of people make mistakes when they get into a hurry. These guys are slammed and the housing market in on fire as well.” Carden said.

You may want to move quickly but don’t’. Check out anyone you may have questions about on the home builder’s website, or call 1-800-304-0853.

The Licensure Board would tell you don’t give them a down payment. Carden said they have several tips on their website for consumers.

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