Gofundme created for 13-year-old girl hospitalized after falling from tree

Gofundme created for 13-year-old girl hospitalized after falling from tree
Alantis, 13. (Source: Gofundme)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Family members say a Clay-Chalkville student, Alantis, has been hospitalized after falling from a tree.

Alantis’s sister organized a Gofundme fundraiser for medical and travel expenses and the hospital stay.

The Gofundme reads:

“My 13 year old sister, Alantis aka Tweety fell from a tree while playing in our backyard. She went into cardiac arrest & was without oxygen for a few minutes while our 5 year old brother ran into the house to get our Dad. My Dad is CPR certified thru his job as a police officer. He worked on her until Centerpoint EMS arrived & took over. However being that she was down for at least 17 minutes she sustained a severe TBI (traumatic brain injury). Her journey to recovery will neither be quick or easy but we expect for her recovery to be as exceptional as she is in every other facet of her life. Yesterday she received  her 2022 acceptance to Alabama aviation & aerospace engineering high school for her Freshman year, her orientation is next week. She speaks Korean & Spanish which she taught herself on top of being in all AP classes & an all A honor roll student at Clay Chalkville Middle School. She is a fighter, if anyone has a shot to make a comeback from this injury- it’s her. She is the exception, the 1%.

We are certain we need help as staying in the hospital long term, travel & medical bills are certain to continue to accumulate. Anything you can give is a blessing -even if it’s just a prayer.  We are praying for a miracle, a Devine intervention.

We remain hopeful & #TweetyTough.”

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