Doctor uses extra supply of COVID-19 vaccine to host clinic in West Alabama

Pickens Co. clinic encouraging vaccinations

PICKENS CO., Ala. (WBRC) - Dr. Julia Boothe felt the more COVID-19 vaccine that got to Pickens County, the safer people there would become from the virus.

“The vaccine adherence and people agreeing to it is what we need in the area to get us to herd immunity,” she explained. Dr. Boothe, also the owner of Pickens County Primary Care, decided to host a vaccination clinic Friday when they learned a supply of vaccine became available at the last minute.

“We actually had another county that had a large amount that they received. And they knew that Pickens County has not had enough for what we need for our citizens. So they said we can do a half day clinic and bring vaccine. So we said sure, lets find all the people we can,” Boothe continued.

The clinic got an additional 100 doses of vaccine. People getting vaccinated Friday believe that will make a bigger difference fighting the virus there.

“I think it’s going to help. That’s the thing, anything that’s going to help and keep people from getting the virus and spreading the virus is going to help the numbers go down. And as the numbers go down, we’re going to get back to normal,” said Dale Davis.

Boothe said plans are in the works for a much larger vaccination clinic in Pickens County.

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