COVID19 vaccinations now available in Tuscaloosa-area urgent care clinic

New urgent care location offering vaccines in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - “It’s always good to have multiple locations for patients to get access to vaccines,” said Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty, Medical Director of Tuscaloosa’s Crimson Care Clinics.

After the challenges COVID-19 created for people and healthcare providers, Dr. Peramsetty says he’s more upbeat now that more clinics like his are able to vaccinate people.

“We are able to do 100 patients a day,” he said.

Peramsetty feels urgent care clinics can play a big part in vaccinating the public against coronavirus. He believes some people may feel more comfortable getting vaccinated at places where they have received medical care before.

“The urgent cares are pretty much walk in clinics. People are used to coming here and there’s kind of a relationship with the community so they can come and feel at home and they’ll feel more comfortable to get vaccinated here,” Peramsetty explained.

He added, clinics can fill a void because they’re familiar with their patients and their medical needs.

“We can just print out on the computer who all is eligible. We call them and schedule them. We are reaching out to them,” Dr. Peramsetty continued.

Crimson Care started offering the Moderna vaccine last week at all three locations in Tuscaloosa.

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