CDC updates guidelines for travel

CDC updates travel guidelines for fully-vaccinated people

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - According to new guidance from Centers for Disease Control, people who have received all their COVID-19 shots can travel within the United States without getting tested for coronavirus or having to quarantine when they get back home.

Owner of Travel Designers Birmingham, John Martin, said the new guidance from the CDC is a step in the right direction, giving fully vaccinated people the comfort of knowing they can travel, but it won’t be like flipping a switch.

“It’s gonna be a slow pace, just because they’ve given us the ability or the okay to travel, some hotels will still have limited resources…limited amenities,” Martin said.

He also said you might also have to wait longer to get in your hotel room, and restaurants may also have limited capacity.

“So, if you are the type of traveler that is easy-going, will find someplace to eat, if we can’t get in, it’s fine, but if you are the [type where] a change in your travel plans puts you into a little bit of a tizzy... that can be a concern,” Martin explained.

“And so, what this tells us is that the vaccines are our ticket back to a normal life,” said UAB Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Michael Saag.

He said the CDC’s update is based on science and should be an incentive for more people to roll up their sleeves.

“But still wear a mask when you’re on the airplanes and any time you’re out and about in crowds. This virus is still out there and the variants, the viruses that have a little bit of a mutation that makes them more infectious, makes it more risky for people who have not been vaccinated to pick up the infection,” Dr. Saag explained.

Those who are fully vaccinated can also travel internationally, but they will need to be tested before and after they leave the country.

The CDC’s guidance does not apply to those who are unvaccinated. They’re advised to avoid unnecessary travel.

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