Vaccine being developed by Tonix Pharmaceuticals and Southern Research showing positive signs

COVID vaccine being developed locally

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) -A COVID- 19 vaccine being developed by Tonix Pharmaceuticals with help from Southern Research is showing positive results.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals, a New York based company, is working with Southern Research in Birmingham on its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Researchers are using a modified horsepox virus vaccine platform called TNX-1800. It introduces a small dose of the virus in you with a single shot vaccine to combat COVID.

So far, Tonix tells WBRC its data using non-human primates generally shows they were protected and after 50 days protection was still detected.

We spoke with the Seth Lederman, president and CEO of Tonix about why they’re using some of the oldest technology to develop a vaccine. Lederman believes it comes down to durability and feels Tonix’s vaccine could keep people protected longer.

“The mRNA vaccines that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are from a completely novel technology so we really don’t know have experience to judge how durable the protection will be and durable I mean…how long will people who are vaccinated be protected?” Lederman said.

Lederman is hoping to begin human trials of the vaccine later this year.

You can read the full release from Tonix and Southern Research here.

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