Local vaccinations opportunities in Walker County

More vaccines available in Walker Co.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Walker County is an area identified by the Socially Vulnerability Index because of limited access to medical care, low income households and health issues within the community. Some believe, in a community with these sorts of disadvantages, being diagnosed with COVID could be fatal.

This week in Walker County the health department will operate is second clinic for first dose vaccination shots on Airport Road. This is very important because getting shots has not been easy in the county.

CVS and Wal Mart pharmacies have been overrun with people seeking vaccines. And a lot of people have been traveling to Birmingham trying to get vaccinated.

“These clinics are a huge deal for Walker County residents. It provides a lot of opportunity to get the shots for people who would be difficult to get the shots.” Armstrong said.

The vaccinations are appointment only. You can sign up

at the state health department or Walker County Department of Health’s website.

“You drive up and you are directed into the places you need to go. There are four different stations and you don’t have to get out of your vehicle,” Deputy TJ Armstrong with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office said.

Vaccinations are important to those who could be more most vulnerable.

“A lot of people in Walker County are vulnerable to COVID or side effects of COVID. I don’t know what the death rate is right now but a lot of this stuff can be prevented,” Armstrong said.

This will be the first dose of Pfizer. Second doses will be available in about three weeks.

About $17 million dollars in stimulus money will be coming to Walker County to help out with vaccine distribution.

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